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    Network cablings

    GEFRI-CI has a dynamic team that takes care of the study and realization of the cabling systems, scalable and integrating all the communication needs of your company.

    Wiring to transport data, voice, images, analog or digital signals on a network that is ready to support very high-speed applications in order to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s communications.

    This wiring will meet your company’s current and future needs in accordance with the current International Wiring System Standards. It will give you the assurance of an easy, efficient operation and ensure the longevity of such a system.

    Our area of competence

    New works and rehabilitation:

    • materials
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • compliance
    • Certification of networks
    • Reflectometry

    V.D.I network

    • Computer and telephone network cabling
    • Sound and video + videoconferencing

    electronic security

    • Video surveillance - Remote monitoring
    • Access control
    • automatic doors
    • Fire detection - Extinction
    • anti-intrusion system

    Network slide show VDI

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